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I never could have imagined, how easy, our team, has made this en-devour. I feel as though, I have opened my eyes, to the possibilities, that have laid dormant inside me, for far too long. We are, what I feel, is the essence of T.E.A.M. because working Together Everyone Achieves More.

- Russ Campbell

I enjoy working with our team each and everyday. No where else will you find this type of kindness, support and unending motivation. I couldn’t be happier!

- Miss Danni

From the first moment I joined, I felt right at home. With the support and kindness I have recieved from my TEAM, I feel I can accomplish anything. I have learned so much in a short period of time. Thanks Empower Network for opening the door to a whole new world

- Suzanne

Introducing The Full Empower Network Product Suite

Review of The Empower Network Blogging System, Training, and Tools

The Empower Network Official Product Suite

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As you probably know by now, Empower Network is building momentum and growing to over 40,000 active members and paying over 12 millions dollars in commission in only 10 months.

Keep reading below, to find out what empower network is all about and how the training can help take your offline or online business to the next level.

How To Get Started With Empower Network?

Empower network gives you a real chance to have a positive cash flow in your business, since you earn 100% commissions.

You can use the marketing system to:

• Get More Leads For An Offline Or Online Business
• Use It To Help Increase The Value Of Your Business
• Help Grow And Expand Your Current MLM Opportunity With More Leads.
• Bring Greater Exposure To Your Business Online

It is important to note, that you don’t have to be part of an existing MLM business already to get started.

Empower Network can be used as a tool to get more leads online regardless of the kind of business you are running.

Basically the program will help you speed up your learning curve. That can be challenging for most people when promoting or selling things online.

On the other hand you can potentially earn a lot more money if you use the trainings to drive traffic to the Empower network system. Which is THE BEST way to maximize this opportunity.

It is a win-win situation when you join Empower network and use the knowledge to drive traffic to capture pages and get plugged into the system… Allow yourself to begin learning Internet marketing THE RIGHT WAY and more importantly start seeing results.

Empower Network Kalatu Blogging Platform

  • Empower Network Blogging System
  • No Website Hosting Fees
  • SEO Optimized & Friendly WordPress Platform
  • SEOPressor WordPress Content Optimization Plugin
  • High Converting Lead Capture And Proven Sales Pages
  • Friendly Facebook And Social Media Integration
  • Access To EmpowerNetwork.com Aged Domain & Establish Authority
  • Fast Start Video Training & PDF Instruction Manuals
  • Training Video Workbooks And Audio Lessons
  • Built in Email List Building Follow Up Series
  • Hypnotic Empower Network Sales Funnel In Place
  • Ability To Earn BIG Commi$$ions & Residual Income for Blogging!

Empower Network Inner Circle Membership

  • Professionally held High Quality Interviews with Marketing Leaders and Experts
  • Top Online Marketing Secrets Exposed by Proven Leaders and Success Mentors
  • How to Generate More Traffic for Ultimate Lead and Email List Generation
  • Where to Start if new to Internet Marketing – Strategies, Techniques, Hands-On Methods
  • 24/7 Downloadable Audios and Crystal Clear Video Training Courses
  • Up to Date Step By Step Guides on How to Make Money Online
  • Constant and Consistent Empower Hour Monday Night Calls
  • Insider Marketing and Promotion Secrets on How To Sell Stories
  • Ability to Earn Big Commi$$ions with Private Resale Rights
  • 100% Commissions When Anyone Joins You At This Level Over And Over Again!

Empower Network Top Producer Formula Training

  • 11 Hours Plus of Hi-Definition Video Training from David Wood’s Costa Rica Mansion
  • Explains the Psychology & Belief System of the Empower Network’s Exponential Growth
  • How to Build Audience, Rapport, Confidence, Community, Culture, & Online Business Empires
  • How to Improve and Better your Internet Communication Skills with Social Media
  • Elite Internet Marketing Training Methodologies and Cutting-Edge Strategies of the Rich
  • Leveraging the Power of the Internet and the Universe Appeal of Blogging Online
  • Crafting the Perfect Sales Funnel for Ultimate, Time-Tested, Proven Results
  • Ability To Earn 100% Commissions When Someone Joins You At This Membership Level
  • Individuals have paid multiple-THOUSANDS for the same or less value training and tools!

Empower Network Team Building Formula

  • 9 Professionally Shot Videos of the Man, The Myth, the Legend David Wood
  • Social Content Mastery – The Value and Entertainment Based Blogging
  • Syndication Mastery – Automated Viral Social Syndication Techniques
  • SEO Mastery – Mastering the Basics, Essentials, and Craft of Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Traffic Mastery – How to Scale and Expand your Advertising Potential Online
  • Offline Sales Magic – How to Sell “Stuff” Offline vs Online – Challenges & Differences
  • The Leadership Mindset – Advanced Leadership Methods, Abilities, and Control Habits
  • Bonus #1: Advanced SEO Tactics Advanced Link Building Tactics
  • Bonus #2: Profit Pulling Magazine Ads How Rogue Marketer Makes $20,000 Monthly…
  • Bonus #3: How To Create $2,500 Daily From Only 2 1/2 Hours Of Work…

Step-By-Step Guide: Empower Network Blogging System

Making Money Online with the simplified, systematized, versatile Empower Network System has never been easier. It is all up to you to take action, make a decision, and grab the bull by the horns and take charge. It is time to quit being a wussy, lock arms and fight the forces of evil by getting ALL IN with a group of 40,000 plus badasses who all believe in a common goal and vision.

empower network kalatu blogStep One

Back Office

The Empower Network viral blogging platform is ran by the well-known and used wordpress content management system. Once activated (immediately upon Empower Network membership), you will gain access to the Member’s Back Office area where you can begin to login and access your blog, tools, and core checklists. The heart of the Empower Network business opportunity is the blogging feature as it empowers and enables you to express your ideas, thoughts, and knowledge to the world.

empower network kalatu blogStep Two

Login To Blog

Once you are logged into the back office you will see a green button “Login & Start Blogging” click to log in. You will be directed to the screen where you login to blog. Coming Soon – How to build your business with the use of systematization and automation of email list building, communication, and effectiveness.

empower network kalatu blogStep Three

Create a New Post

Once you are logged in you will see a new Dashboard screen. There will be a button to the left that reads “New Post”. Once you are there you will be directed to the post editor where you can begin posting content.

The blogging system comes with built in SEO indicators that will help you create a search engine friendly post.

empower network kalatu blogStep Four

Start Blogging

As you can see, it is easy to get started blogging with Empower Network. It is as easy as sending an email. You can create a post about any topic you may be interested in writing about.

If you have an existing business you can write about it to target more leads with relevant content. Write about hobbies, things that interest you, affiliate products, and really anything else because you get to choose!

Must-See Carefully Crafted All-In-One Complete Command Center System will help you Convert Commissions like Crazy!

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