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Who is David Wood?

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David wood
is one of the most innovative, influential, and impactful Internet marketers of his time who has literally and figuratively helped thousands of individuals create, enhance, and build small fortunes online by making money using systematized, automatic avenues, many of which have never been done before.

To date, David’s most prestigious and highly-regarded sought after product system and funnel is the Empower Network Business opportunity and Company, which he is a Co-Founder and partners with Dave Sharpe. Together, with a vision and mission of empowering the people, Empower Network officially launched as a company back in the fall of 2011 – Halloween October 31, 2011 to be eact.

As the company, opportunity, and products keep expanding and growing, in it’s first 10 months running, Empower Network has enjoyed a tremendous and blazing pace to the top of the internet/network/affiliat marketing online space with over $12,000,000 cycled through their in-house, simple to use, easy to setup compensation structure and pay plan.

Empower Network is David Wood’s most recent project and offers much more than a traditional or standard online marketing company, as it has turned into a movement, a community, a culture of spreading hope and giving inspiration to the people involved from all walks of life.

The program introduces innovative, cutting-edge ways, tools, tips, tricks etc of using the Internet to develop a home based business with more leads, conversions, and systematized marketing platforms which enable and empower a proven, results-oriented sale funnels for anyone to utilize to their own advantage and benefit.

Without a doubt, the Empower Network is David Wood’s best product and marketing system which acts as a fundamentally-sound direct response training course for anyone and everyone looking to achieve real success on the internet.

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The empower network movement targets a wider audience which is one of the core reasons why the company has grown so fast so early.

The opportunity gets like-minded enterpreneurs together from the ‘make money online’ niche, ‘affiliate/internet’ marketing and generic ‘work from home’ niche; attracting and enticing a wide range high-spirited business individuals whom can all benefit from this system just by making a decision, taking an action, and developing motivation, passion, and commitment to make it work for yourself.

David Wood’s main goal when forming this company was to create an opportunity that attracted the masses, had a universal appeal, and could captilize on the simplicity of automating every process that was tedious, time-consuming, and quite frankly just not that fun to do (setup processes, syncing up different programs, systems, funnels, sales process etc) – not just another here today gone tomorrow internet money scheme – what Mr Wood has essentially created is a ‘new-age’ method and boundary of making money online outside of the traditional, conventional, often out-dated MLM/Network Marketing niche.

Most are too quick to cast judgement and scoff at similar Multi-Level Marketing models; but the sheer growth, simplistic ways, and mysterious possibility of the success of David Wood’s Empower Network affiliate program has experienced thus far as a 100% completely online digital marketing system is impeccable, remarkable, and astounding to say the least. No one, no matter the age, experience, knowledge, or skill level, has ever witnessed a company excel to unprecedented levels of greatness and accomplishment in such a short amount of time.

It is fair to say that David Wood is widely-held and proclaimed marketing genius – but under all the hype, fluff, and uncertainty, the key is to examine his incredible journey and learn from his road to the top of the internet pyramids of the world analyzing what characteristics, traits, and skillsets lead him to his success today.


David Wood Introduction to MLM Business Model

Early Childhood

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Believe it or not, David Wood was introduced to the MLM business model since early childhood, as his dad was part of the distinguished, highly well-known Amway family and business model.

This fact started him into the world of personal development and exposed his mind to the possibilities of multilevel marketing models since the early days – if they were done right and correct.

He tells personal stories of riding around with his dad listening to personal development and self-help marketing audiotapes.

As he grew older, he developed an interest on marketing and selling, beginning to tape into the unknown world of making money on the internet back in 2002. In a nutshell, David Wood essentially failed miserably his first 4 years, and eventually turned to the wild wild world of the internet for better results.

During his early MLM days, David used to reminiscence running around hitting up random people at Wal-Mart, Gas stations, and even Churches asking for and searching for “sharp sharks” to join his business. Of course this never happened and the 5 who get 5 who got 5 never came to fruition.

As many of you know in most cases coming up to strangers is an ineffective way to grow an MLM.

Home meetings, cold calling and telemarketing may work but it will feel like shooting without a define target, it takes time, if not a life-time to build a real business that way.

David Wood was well verse with the regular MLM marketing model, which help him thrive for ways to, simplified and systematize those models, make them duplicable for people to create larger organizations.


The Beginning Of the Empower Network Movement

David Wood Internet Marketing

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David Wood has always been good at selling but his  biggest struggle was not being able to tap into fresh leads everyday. The truth is, it takes time to grow a business if the lead flow is limited by what YOU as a marketer can do on a daily basis.

First he stumbled upon YouTube after he made a video-response about an issue of a popular MLM company at the time. The video got over 4000 views in 24 hours.


He figured out he could get more leads by making a video and optimizing for search on Youtube, than by running around talking to untargeted leads on the streets.

After this particular discovery he seek to learn for ways to use the Internet to get leads for his MLM and network marketing businesses.

That was his first major break thought in the MLM/ internet marketing which made him popular, making around 30,000 a month.

After about a year of success online, David Wood was actively searching for ways to increase his monthly income and was working on developing and idea. A system that could duplicate the internet marketing model to help people get leads from the internet, without the need of cold calling or picking up the phone or having to talk to prospects everyday. That was the beginning of what we know now as Empower Network.

Take in consideration, it took him years and many failures to stumble upon the Internet and learn how to find leads online.

Empower Network started with a vision to help affiliates cut the learning curve of marketing online so they could get right through creating valuable content and driving traffic to the already set up capture pages.

Empower Network is not an ‘attraction marketing’ company. They are a direct response and personal development company.

Attraction focuses on branding and marketing personality and creates tools to help marketers create their own sells funnels.

Instead Empower Network operates their business around sales funnels built by people who know how to sell stuff – and teach everyone how to operate within a system around that process.

Think of Empower Network as If Tony Robins Came up to you and said, I will do the selling and training and you can focus on creating the funnels and the upsells. You will let him sell it because he can do it better. The same thing with Empower Network, they can sell and have thousands of testimonials with proof up to this point.


David Wood Products

Empower Network Membership Levels And Products

The secret of Empower Network lays in the ability the company has to pay 100% commissions to all affiliates.

The concept is brilliant and it voids the many objection people have when making a transition or starting a business online. Empower network is a direct response company, which handles front and back sales conversions, teaching people how to narrow their focus to only one skill: Getting traffic.

Not only do you get some of the best training on the Internet and direct sales available today but also the ability to resells the training, which is the best way to maximize the Empower Network Opportunity.

Since they handle conversions and sales your only job when promoting this products is getting good at driving traffic to their capture pages.

The fun part is they don’t even care what you are selling you can use the blog platform as a tool to promote your business, whether is MLM, juice, soap, your primary business, you name it.


[image title=”Empower Network Basic Membership”]http://networkempower.com/images/empowernetwork-blogging-system.jpg[/image]

Price: $25/monthly

Commissions: $25/monthly

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Empower Network Basic Blogging Platform ($25 a month)

• No hosting
• No Word press set up
• Complete blogging marketing platform
• Video and audio training
• Fast start training
• Basic access to the Empower Network back office and system
• Build in mailing and follow up lead system
• The ability to resell the platform to potentially earn $25 commissions from anyone who joins you


[image title=”Empower Network Inner Circle Membership”]http://networkempower.com/images/empowernetwork-inner-circle-training.jpg[/image]

Price: $100/monthly

Commissions: $100/monthly

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Empower Network Inner Circle ($100 a Month)

• High quality interviews with some of the most influential marketers today.
• Top practical marketing secrets revealed by successful marketers
• The best way to generate traffic and fund your business with unlimited leads
• Where to begin as a new internet marketer
• The latest strategies on how to make money online
• Consistent Empower Network Monday calls
• Insider marketing secrets on how to put together a story
• Build in mailing and follow up lead system
• The ability to earn 100 commissions from anyone who joins you at this level.



[image title=”Empower Network Costa Rice Intensive Training”]http://networkempower.com/images/empowernetwork-costa-rica-intensive.jpg[/image]

Price: $500 (One time payment)

Commissions: $500

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Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive ($500 one time)

• More than 12 hours of high definition quality video training from David Wood in Costa Rica.
• A throughout explanation of the psychology of marketing.
• The best way to build audience, boost your confidence and create culture in your business.
• Elite marketing strategies of the gurus
• Email marketing and marketing system
• The ability to earn 100% commissions from anyone who joins you at this level.

[image title=”Empower Network $15k Per Month Formula”]http://networkempower.com/images/empowernetwork-15k-month-formula.jpg[/image]

Price: $1,000 (One time payment)

Commissions: $1,000

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Empower Network $15 a Month Formula ($1000 one time)

• 10 training videos with David Wood
• How to master social content to attract more leads
• Master syndication and viral blogging
• The latest SEO strategies
• The latest paid traffic and solo ad advertisement.
• How to sell things online
• Advance link building strategies
• How to increase your audience with magazine ads

To join a real opportunity with the potential to make lots of money join Empower Network.

David Wood Events

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2012 has been a big event year for David Wood.

His first company event took place during the month of June in Atlanta Georgia where over 1200 affiliates assisted.

After the event took place the size of the company has double and there are more affiliates making a real income with Empower Network than ever before.

David Wood’s next event is about to take place in San Diego and over 4000 people are expected to show up chanting “Fight the Forces of Evil”. Just 90 days after the first event, the empower network audience has double.

Why you may ask?

You can’t replace the power of events with anything! Events are where breakthroughs happen. Don’t miss “Let’s Lock Arms And Fight The Forces Of Evil In San Diego”


Upcoming Empower Network Events

[image title=”Fight The Forces Of Evil”align=”left”]http://networkempower.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/fight-forces.jpg[/image]

Let’s lock Arms And Fight The Forces Of Evil San Diego Sep 21- 23

• The most exciting event of the year, Empower Network is expected to hit momentum after this event in September.
• The event is exclusive for Empower Network members. To be there you have to join Empower Network at least on the basic level, which is only $25.
• This event will be life changing. After the last event in Atlanta the growth of Empower Network has steadily gone up.
• Don’t miss it. Be there.

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