Empower Network $1M in 3 Weeks


Can you believe it? After only 3 weeks of operation the Empower Network has reached over one million dollars in sales! Great job everyone, now that is how you make some money! Can you even begin to fathom the numbers after a few months? Mind blowing.

Just stop for a moment and realize this, more than one million dollars in sales with ZERO charge-backs.  What does that mean? Well it means everyone is happy!

Take a look at these screenshots …

Empower Network

and this one …Empower Network

There are some amazing people, doing some amazing things right now. Lets just take a look at the “Leader Board”. For those not familiar with the term, it means the people who are  currently busting their butts and are making the most cash.

Lawrence Tam – $44,900
Toby and Layla – $34,450
Nick Bramble – $26,525
Jon Mroz – $13,825
Barbie Zabel – $13,450
Tracey Walker – $13,325 (happy birthday)
Robert Fore – $11,475
Beau Bridgewater – $10,725
Alex Zubarev – $10,325
Bryan Addison – $10,300
Carol Douthitt – $9,450
Kris Darty – $9,000
Kelly Williams – $8,950
Aaron and Sophia Rashkin – $8,925
Clay Montgomery – $8,750
Adam Whiting & Mike Hobbs – $8,400
Cynthia (the Social Cowgirl) $7,300
Franco Gonzalez – $7,250
Sam Levitz – $7,025
Jordan Schultz – $6,675
Ed from Ohio – $6,450
Jessica Darty – $6,425
Jaime Soriano – $6,375
Chris Rocheleau – $5,925
Charles Marshall – $5,750
Catherine Alexandra – $5,600
The MLM Brothers – $5,600
Bob Anderson – $5,100

These guys and gals have made more that $5,000 in ONLY 3 weeks. Absolutely brilliant! This leaves me with only one question really … WHAT are YOU waiting for?

Miss Danni

Author: Empower Network


  1. Barrie Dickman

    Just looked through the site and seen the publicity video – both very interesting and will probably join in a few days time when funds reach my bank/PayPal account.

    I always like to see figures that tally showing truthful earnings but I note that the main heading of this article is that Empower Network has ‘more than one million dollars in sales’ yet adding the two examples of earnings at the top to the ‘earnings’ of the Leader Board the figure should be in the region of $3,200,000. I am not saying that is wrong, just that I like to see all the figures add up or I start to doubt the figures given.

    Best wishes for an honest business.


    • MissDanni

      Barrie, there has been a TON more commissions paid out since the first 3 weeks. The commission payout total is ever increasing. Increasing at such a rate, that in order to stay on top of it, I would need to post a commission total hourly to be in sync. So far for today alone, the commissions paid out have been $40,649.20 and this is just so far today! If you are motivated and serious about increasing your earnings, you can succeed. Looking forward to having you on the team!

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