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Empower Network Official Launch Event and Affiliate Contest Details

Since the relaunch of Empower Network things have been pretty amazing for all the Empower Network affiliates. Not only is there a fresh new system in place to give lightening fast load time to all blogs but also blog pages are raking page one in Google overnight.

The Empower Network also now has in place a simple and easy to manage payment processing system to process all orders and monthly payments. Luckily for Empower Network affiliate, this new system has cut down considerably on the merchant account fees.

Empower Network Affiliate Contest

How would you like $10k in your pocket from simple Empower Network Affiliate Contest?

empower network affiliate contestWith the brilliant relaunch of ever growing Empower Network, there have been some really great contests with some very amazing and eye-catching prizes. The last Empower Network affiliate contest handed out a grand prize of $10,000.

There were 183 very lucky people who received shiny new iPods as well as 100 very excited people receiving free tickets to the upcoming Empower Network live event being held in Georgia.

Some pretty hot prizes when you consider the contest only lasted a mere 3 weeks.

NEW Empower Network Affiliate Content

Did you miss the last one? Do not miss the new Empower Network Affiliate contest.

Details are being announced tonight for the brand new Empower Network affiliate contest. This new affiliate contest promises to be just as, if not even better than the last, with more amazing prizes.

Empower Network Live Event

Are you ready for the Empower Network Live Event?

empower network official eventMore details being released tonight with regard to the upcoming Empower Network Live Event. One very important thing to consider is that in order to even attend this event you must be an Empower network affiliate.

The live event is going to unleash and unveil some very top secret and underground methods used buy the top earners in the industry. Due to the extreme profitability of using these secrets, you will have to sign a non disclosure agreement to even get inside the doors. You will defiantly not want to miss out on this Empower Network Live Event.

The last time we did this, we had a room of 30 individuals completely new to the industry and turned them into more than 10,000 paying customers in an unheard of 45 day period. Within the 45 day time period, more than $1.5 million in commission earnings were paid to this group of beginners.

Business and Life Changing Underground Secrets

The Empower Network Live Event is going to provide each attendee with $250,000 blue print, that’s a secret worth hearing and keeping. Would you not agree?

This Empower Network Live Event will be a no selling, no cross recruiting environment, all participants will be singing a legal agreement at the door. The reason for this is to keep focus. The main purpose for this entire event is to help you make money with Empower Network.

Tonight we are offering an “Early Bird” special to only 250 people. The priding for the Empower Network Event is being kept as low as possible to simply cover the costs of hold the event. The reason for this is simple, the goal of the event is to teach you, not for you to have to buy anything.

Empower Network Georgia Event Tickets

In order to become eligible to even purchase tickets you need to be an Empower Network affiliate. Follow the below steps to ensure you get in to the event. Be sure you are quick about it as tickets sell out fast.

  1. Get over to Empower Network now and signup.
  2. You will then need to become an affiliate in the Empower Network affiliate program.
  3. At this point you will be able to purchase all of the Empower Network products and then be able to sell them for 70% commissions, over and over again.
  4. Once you have completed all the above, I will contact you with the details of where you can purchase your ticket(s).

As I mentioned, do not wait to do this or you will miss out and you will regret it.

This is the beginning of a $500 million dollar year for the Empower Network and Empower Network Affiliates, if you’d like to have some of that money in YOUR pockets, I suggest you act, Now!

Thanks for reading the details for the official Empower Network Launch event and Affiliate Contest!

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