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Some of you have been asking what are the Empower Network payment options. You will be pleased to know that Empower Network offers a vast number of payment options, let’s take a look at each.

Empower Network Payment Options

No matter where you are in the world, you can use Empower Network as there is something for everyone in the Empower network payment options.

There has been a bit of confusion surrounding the Empower Network payment options, I want to take a moment today and clarify the variety of options available to you. You may be under the impression that you have to use CardFlex or PayPal, however there are far more payment options that you can use to earn with Empower Network. Read on as we examine each of the Empower network payment options.

*** Empower Network Payment Options UPDATE ***

There has been some updates since this post was made on what you can and cannot use as payment processors inside the Empower Network.

Please head over to our newly updated Empower Network Compensation Plan post to read about the updates.

Empower Network Payment Options: Alertpay

empower network payment optionsIf you are internationally located, you may find that Alertpay is the right choice for your payment option.

In order to use Alertpay as your Empower Network payment options, you will need to supply the following information to link up your Empower Network account to your Alertpay to ensure you get paid. You will need your Alertpay email and your Alertpay security code.

AlertPay will only register payments you receive in our program, if you add the correct “Alert URL” and “Security Code”. These trigger and validate the Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs) sent from Alertpay.

To accept Alertpay with our program, please follow these steps.

1) Login to your Alertpay account.
2) Click on “BUSINESS TOOLS” in the menu tab.
3) If you are already using Alertpay’s IPN process with another business, click on “Manage Business Accounts” (under “Standard Integration”), to add a new business profile. You must have a business account, to do this. Otherwise, skip to step 4.
4) Under “Instant Payment Notification IPN”, click on “IPN Setup”.
5) Enter your Alertpay Transaction PIN and click on the “Access” button.
5) Under “Activate IPN”, make sure the “IPN Status” is set to “Enabled”.
6) Verify that the “Allow Encrypted Return URL IPN” is set to “Disabled”.
7) In the input field “Alert URL” enter in “https://www.empowernetwork.com/Ipn/Alertpay.ipn.php” without the quotation marks.
8) Click the button “Generate New”, and copy the resulting Security Code into your clipboard.
9) Verify that the “Test Mode” is set to “Disabled”.
10) Click on the “UPDATE” button. Log out of Alertpay.
11) Paste the Security Code into the “AlertPay Security Code” field above on this profile page.
12) Click “Update Profile” (below).

Please note that you will need to have a “Personal Pro” or “Business” account with Alertpay to be able to use the IPN system.

Empower Network Payment Options: PayPal

empower network payment optionsThe majority of our team uses PayPal for our Empower network payment options, you are also welcome to do the same.

Just as above, using PayPal will require you to implement particular settings to ensure you get paid. The steps are very simple and you can find the set up details for using PayPal with Empower Network => Here.

Empower Network Payment Options: LinkPoint

empower network payment optionsLinkPoint is another of the Empower Network payment options that you can choose from, however be sure to make note of the instructions below.

In order to use LinkPoint you will need the following information, LinkPoint Store Number and your LinkPoint Store PEM file. You will also need to follow the below instructions in order to make sure you receive all your payments through LinkPoint.

Get started by following these instructions:

To accept credit card payments using LinkPoint, you need a digital certificate to complete the setup of your store. This certificate must be uploaded to our server as a .pem extension. To download your digital certificate, please access LinkPoint download center in the LinkPoint Central Support section:

1. Log in at your LinkPoint control panel.
2. Click on “Support” in the Main Menu Bar.
3. Click on the word “Download Center” under Downloads in the Side Menu Box.
4. Click on the word “download” Store PEM File section on main page.
5. Key in your SSN or Tax ID information to start the download.

This will get your LinkPoint account working correctly with Empower Network payment options.

Empower Network Payment Options: Authorize.Net

empower network payment optionsIn some cases you may need to use Authorize.net under your Empower Network payment options, setting this up is pretty simple.

To use Authorize.net as your payment options, you require two things, your ARB login key and your ARB transaction key. Adding this feature to your Empower Network payment options, as you can see, is pretty simple.

Empower Network Payment Options: Accept Payments With

As you see there are a number of payment processors available for your to select from.

Let’s quickly recap the Empower Network payment options:

  1. AlertPay
  2. PayPal
  3. CardFlex
  4. LinkPoint
  5. Authorize.net

You should be able to use at least one of the above options, no matter where in the world you are located.


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Join us today with any of the above Empower Network payment options and let get you started making money.

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