Empower Network Power of Hypnotic Language

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This is a great note from David Wood

Funny, isn’t it?

How a man like Kris Darty
can ramble for 2 hours about nothing,
yet somehow sponsor 500 people in
a week?

Or how at the last minute, I fired
up my computer last year, did an un-
planned U-Stream and posted a note
on my Facebook wall, and made
$33,000 in an evening?

How come 2 people – both working
their ass off, placing seemingly
‘similar’ ads, yet creating dramatically
different results – yet one person earns
$50,000 a month, and the other…

…still struggling to get a sale?

One night – late, in 2006, I was hanging
out at my friend Tom’s place (he lived in
a fridge in the back of a store in alaska)
and he introduced me to a concept that
I’ve now used to:

* Go from recruiting a measly 15%
of a room, to sponsoring 85% of the
same prospects – in one night!

* Become the #1 sales leader in four
different network marketing companies,
just in the last 2 years.

* Launch a site that’s climbed into the
top 500 online…

…and pay people like you over $13
million in commissions since October
31st of last year.

Over the next several weeks, I’m starting
a new series – for free, that you can use
to LITERALLY change the forces of
the universe – to abide by the bidding of
your will, and all you have to do is…

…listen in, read daily, and focus.

Today, you’re going to start the process
of unlocking the mystery – the reason,
why you haven’t been getting the results
that you want, all along – and this moment…

…all you have to do, is:

Start here:

“Unveiling The Mysteries Of Success – The POWER of LANGUAGE (day one)”
Experience day one, by clicking here now.

I want to show you something, that
to be honest, makes my own mind bend:

That’s our top earners, from the first of August through
the 31st (just last month) and what they earned
using just SOME of the concepts you’ll learn
from this free series.

Click here to join in on day one (FREE)

Without guaranteeing that you’re going to get
these results (we can’t promise income, see
our real, live income disclosure) that is the
most powerful representation of what’s possible
that I’ve ever seen online.

The truth is:

You CAN become powerful.

You ARE a masterful creation.

You ARE BECOMING what you’ve always
wanted to be…

…and all you have to do is:

Take action.

Read this.

And watch this website tomorrow.

-David Wood
“The Guru Slayer”

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