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Overview of Empower Network

When it comes to making money online it can be challenging to put the pieces to the marketing puzzle together or find an opportunity with all the tools for a successful marketing campaign.

Just after 10 months since the company got started back in the fall of 2011, Empower Network has paid over 12 million dollars in commissions to more than 40,000 active members.

But what is Empower Network…?

Is it an MLM company?

A lead generation system?

Or simply the best training on how to run a profitable affiliate marketing business online?

The answer is all of the above.

To begin, the creators of the company were affiliates with a background on MLM and marketing online. They understand the power of duplication and multilevel marketing models.

Lots of people have made life-changing incomes with traditional network marketing models.

Even thou traditional network marketing is duplicable, it requires a lot of work including, home meetings, cold calling, face-to-face recruiting and tasks most people don’t care to do.

The Internet has open doors to tweak, existing MLM models, making them work for our advantage. It has help systematized marketing processes, helping us reach more people with less effort.

To put it in simplest terms the Internet is the SECRET sauce a traditional MLM model was missing.

Unlike most affiliate programs out there, which only pay a portion of the commissions (usually somewhere around 40%), Empower Network pays 70% commissions.

The model was designed this way to help Empower people who are starting a business, get a positive cash flow and grow.


Empower Network Products Review

The Empower Network system may potentially help you have a continuous positive cash flow in your business.

You can use this positive cash flow to:

• Build your current MLM business if you have one.

• Increase the value of your business.

• Bring greater exposure to your business

• Open advertising channels to get more eyeballs to your offers.

The model was designed to off set the common technical problems most people have when starting a business online.

Usually people struggle with the technical learning curve associate with starting a business on the Internet. Not only does it take some web knowledge to put together a website but also the ability to create compelling content on those sites to make a sale.

Empower network is a system already equipment with the sales funnels and the products for anyone to start marketing online. The best part is you will get 70% commissions back to the cash flow of your business.

The Empower Network products were designed with a vision to help as many entrepreneurs get started online since David Wood and David Sharpe knew, people only need help making their first sale.

Once you get into the swing of things, learn how it works, gain some experience and comfort doing it, There is really no STOPPING for your online business if you really want to.


Empower Network Products And Membership Levels

When you sign up for the basic membership package that costs $25 monthly, you will gain access to the viral blogging platform.


[image title=”Empower Network Basic Membership”]http://networkempower.com/images/empowernetwork-blogging-system.jpg[/image]

Price: $25/monthly

Commissions: $25/monthly

Note: Take Advantage of a Premium WordPress Blogging Membership in order to join Empower Network first.

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Empower Network Blogging Platform ($25 a month)

The blogging platform is the basic and starting membership level in Empower Network. The platform uses WordPress on the back end, so you will not have any trouble trying to figure out how to make it work. Plus there is also training on how to navigate in WordPress.

This membership level gives you the opportunity to have your own blogging platform on the Empower Network domain, which already has authority with search engines and can help you rank content a lot faster.

• No hosting fees

• No setting up

• Facebook and Social media friendly

• Fast start video training

• Build-n email and follow up system

• Training videos and audio lessons

• The ability to resell for 70% commissions

• Sales funnel ready



[image title=”Empower Network Inner Circle Membership”]http://networkempower.com/images/empowernetwork-inner-circle-training.jpg[/image]

Price: $100/monthly

Commissions: $100/monthly

Note: The Empower Network Inner Circle is hands-down some of the best internet marketing training in the world. Blogging & Inner Circle are the perfect combination.

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Empower Network Inner Circle Membership- ($100 a month)

This membership level gives you the ability to resell it and earn an additional $100 every month.

• Professional quality interviews with the most influential leaders in the industry.

• Marketing secrets proven by successful leaders in the industry.

• “How to” strategies to get more traffic and leads in your business.

• Where to start if you are new to internet marketing

• Audio and video training series

• Inside details and training on how to sell and create a compelling story

• The ability to earn 70% commissions from selling the training.

• The most complete training on getting traffic.



[image title=”Empower Network Costa Rice Intensive Training”]http://networkempower.com/images/empowernetwork-costa-rica-intensive.jpg[/image]

Price: $500 (One time payment)

Commissions: $500

Note: Truly Unique and Superior Quality Marketing Knowledge, Experience, How-To, and the Like all presented and packaged with Supreme Quality and Professionalism.

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Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive Training – ($500 one time)

This is the video training from the first retreat in Costa Rica. The program is one of David Woods best trainings and master mind with a powerful group of people.

• More than 12 hours of intensive training from David Wood’s house in Costa Rica.

• A throughout explanation of the psychology of marketing.

• The best way to leverage the power of blogging and marketing online.

• In depth explanation on how to build an audience online.

• Learn how to craft the perfect sales funnel for your business.

• The ability to resell the training for 70% commissions.



[image title=”Empower Network $15k Per Month Formula”]http://networkempower.com/images/empowernetwork-15k-month-formula.jpg[/image]

Price: $1,000 (One time payment)

Commissions: $1,000

Note: Absolute best of the best online training videos of masters, gurus, and marketing legends. The Empower Network 15K Formula is the summation and accumulation of years of success and results by some of the leading experts, authorities, and individuals out there.

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Empower Network 15K per month formula($997 one time)

The 15k formula is the best hands on technical training with practical strategies that can be use to grow your online business.

The training incudes a set of interviews with some of the most influential marketers online who had proven successful results applying these methods.

• Hands on strategies on how to make 15k a month online

• How to master content creation and the value of blogging

• Master syndication and viral blogging techniques

• Getting a leadership mindset, habit creation and advance training

• Advanced SEO techniques

• Advance traffic techniques

• Mastering Solo Ads

• Mastering Social Advertising

• The ability to resell the training for 1070% commissions


The training is complete and really everything you need to make money online. The best way to make money with this opportunity is by reselling the training since you have the ability to earn 70% commissions. Plus all the selling is already done for you since they have capture pages and sells funnels in place.

You can also keep all the leads you generate with the system. So the main thing to do as an Empower Network affiliate is to drive traffic to the capture pages, which are converting, at a high rate.


Why The Empower Network Products

When searching for a good opportunity the first thing you ought to ask yourself and evaluate is… How likely are people to join?

Since Empower Network offers e-trainings they can afford to pay 70% commission to all affiliates. Making it appealing for lots of people to promote.

The fact that Empower Network is appealing to so many people is definitely a key reason for it’s success.

The system includes sales funnel, capture pages, blogging platform and all the tools, which can help sell the training for you.

Empower network is a systematized marketing platform that can help you leverage time and bring exposure to your business. Every piece of the process has been carefully position to make the system work.

If you have had a chance to watch the empower network videos, you will understand why so many people are attracted to the opportunity.

To watch the video click here.

The bottom line is, if you can’t sell… No worries because they system does all the selling for you.

Check the video above to see how.

The concept is brilliant and in only 9 months has revolutionized the industry of Internet marketing, direct selling and MLM.

Don’t miss out! This is a great opportunity. One that has become a movement over the last 10 months.

Take action.

Get Started.

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