We have been around in the internet game for years and plenty of them. After getting burned a few time along the way we learned very quickly how to spot BS when we see it. We were given the Empower Network system plan and payment structure and met with our team to try and find the breaking point of the system, the point at which it would fail. The trouble was… after hours of ripping this thing apart we could NOT find one way that this cannot work and work well when you set your mind to work hard.

The risk is almost non-existent due to the fact that you can get in on the Empower Network for a measly $25 and after you get just one single person to join, your risk is gone, your costs are covered and you just broke even!

Now yes, you can take it to another level if you want to but you don’t HAVE to ever upgrade of you don’t want. You can continue getting $25 per month from all the people under you. You do as much as you want to do at a pace that you are comfortable with. However, we suggest you make up your mind as you come in to the Empower Network that you are going to work for this and get people to join in on the action. Choose to make lots of money by working hard and selling something that sells itself.

We are all in! Are you?


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