Empower Network Importance of Going ALL In

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There are several benefits of joining Empower Network. Not only do you get all the training and information to bring more exposure to your business online but also the opportunity to make 70% commissions when qualified to sell the training to others.

Is no doubt the best way to maximize your business online is by having your own products, since most affiliate programs only pay a portion of the commission.

If you landed on this site today you may be looking for a clearer picture of what Empower Network is.

Is it an MLM lead generation system?

Is it an online marketing sells funnel?

Or is it just the best training out there on how to market online?

Let’s get started, put a few rumors to rest and give you a better vision of what empower network is and how it can truly help, start or transform your business.

What Started Empower Network?

Empower Network began with a vision to help people make a sale online despite the common technical challenges.

There is a lot of information out there which can make it seem like marketing online is complicated but after carefully analyzing, marketing requires nothing more… Than traffic being driven to a high converting site.

In other words to succeed online you need traffic and a site that can sale to that traffic.

Many people who plan to start a business online are challenged by the technical skills involved on creating a site and then driving traffic to it.

The learning curve is so challenging that most people give up before they make a sale. No one wants to deal with HTML, WordPress installation etc.

Empower network has eliminated the learning curve. The system has all the moving pieces needed to start making marketing online right away.

All you have to do is take action.

• Nothing to set up.
• No word press installation.
• No Product Creation
• No Sales Funnel Programming
• No Website, HTML, Blog Coding
• No Training, No Holding Hands

Starting a business online from scratch is not easy and is even harder if you don’t have the funds to jump-start the business. The creators of empower network knew this fact as they also struggle to market and create sell funnels online for themselves at some point.

The Empower Network system was created by marketers for marketers. Which is why they pay 70% commissions.

David Wood’s Action Plan Motto: GET ALL In

empower network event going all in

The program is the brainchild of David Wood and David Sharpe.

The system is the result of the learning curve from some of the most influential marketers today.

Many people find themselves spending money on worthless programs and push button software, which simply don’t work.

If you are struggling to make money online and are wasting time and money on click bank products. Stop.

How to make money with Empower Network by going ALL In?

Next I want to go over the best way to maximize this opportunity.

Like it was said previously, the best way to make money online is by having your own products. Main reason being, you don’t have to split commissions with anyone with your own products.

Empower network has created a system with multiple membership levels.

By purchasing each membership level you are simultaneously purchasing, selling rights to resale the training.

This automatically voids the need to have your own products to make 70% commissions.

Empower Network offers a selling platform as well as valuable trainings to resell.

The breakdown of the membership levels is as followed:

Blogging Platform $25 – a month
Inner Circle $100 – a month
Costa Rica Intensive $500 – one time
15K Formula — $1500
For a total of $1650 you are ALL IN

By not going ALL IN you can potentially lose a lot of money.

If someone you sign up goes all in or buys levels beyond your current membership, the commission will roll up to your sponsor.

In other words if you didn’t buy a membership, you are also no qualified to resell it.

Check out the Compensation plan here.

Compensation plan VIDEO

Remember you make 70% commission so you will eventually get the money invested back as soon as someone signs up with you.

For example let’s say you bought the $500 Costa Rica intensive, you will earn 70% commissions from who ever joins you next, as well as the ability to resell the training unlimited times. To earn back in this case $500 over and over again.

You don’t have to sell, since all the selling, capture pages, sales funnels are done for you.

The system has a sell funnel in place to sell each membership level.

What you have to do is drive traffic to the EN capture pages, and plug right to the system that is working and has already work for many.

Up to this date August 2012, Empower Network has paid over 12 million dollars in commissions with over 40,000 members on board.

Since Empower Network first launched in Oct 2011, thousands of affiliates saw the value on earning 70% commissions, which has turn Empower network in the #1 opportunity online, regardless of ones technical skill.

Going ALL IN and promoting and ALL IN environment for your team is the best way to maximize profits your time and profits with Empower Network.

Go ALL IN and get started with Empower Network.

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