iPAS2 PRO Marketing System Review

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iPAS2 is a rather new system that is slowly taking over the world of Internet marketing. In a nutshell, iPAS stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration Marketing System. As a platform Ipas has been in the works for quite some time, helping thousands of entrepreneurs make a transition to marketing their products and services online.

The original iPAS system was launched in mid 2011, after a long period of research and development. The project has continued to undergo further development and testing, not forgetting joining forces with a top internet marketing company, and ultimately leading to the release of the new upgraded version, iPAS2.

ipas2 pro marketing system review

The iPAS 2 PRO Marketing System Review

The system was created to automate the process of collecting and converting leads into sales. The new and upgraded version of iPAS hosts more features than prior, including training, traffic sources, in depth analysis, income calculator, and much more.

The minds behind the project are Chris-Campbell and Chris-Jones, two successful marketers, who consider the iPAS creation as the pinnacle of their career in internet marketing and entrepreneurship.

Highlights of iPAS2 PRO System

– Custom email series that converts leads to sales
– Easy to set up
– Simplistic functionality for finest conversions
– Simple design
– Efficient funded application system that brings about 70% on all sales
– Real time live chat
– Weekly new member training
– Simplified purchasing process
– Real time campaign tracking
– And much more

What Holds iPAS2 Together?

Ipas was built upon 3 core principles that are fundamental in virtually all-successful businesses:

Principle 1: System
This principle is a core element of any business model, and goes a long way to help in saving time, money, and energy. A good system ensures that all components are interdependent but work flawlessly to achieve one main goal. All the components in iPAS 2 PRO Marketing System have thoroughly been tested to ensure the highest conversion rates.

Principle 2: Leverage
Basically, leverage is a technique that multiplies your efforts and profits. No matter what time it is, this system is always up and running, to ensure you get the best out of what you have. Leverage is design to help in building successful businesses that are able to pay dividends with very little effort.

Principle 3: Automation
Automation is a key concept in any digital franchise style model.
Automation ultimately helps in solving tedious and tiresome tasks that may end up wasting your time or resources. iPAS2 therefore comes in to automate most business building processes. For example, the ipas2 wealth-formula empowers members and affiliates to attract a rather large audience in a slightly automate matter.

iPAS 2 Membership plans

Ipas2 contains four membership to purchase. Each plan comes with a number of videos that provide adequate training. Also, each plan has a host of benefits and features that supplement it.

PRO membership

The training center in this plan consists of 7 videos and a pack of audios that help you tune your mindset for success. Features available include Empowerment Network Viral Blogging system, 24 hours support and coaching, access to profit maximizers and much more. The cost of this particular membership is $100 a month.

Silver membership

The training course here focuses on highlighting strategies for effective social media marketing, and consists of 6 videos of pure content. Benefits accrued in this plan include access to daily webinars and seminars; empower network Costa Rica Intense, 30% commissions on iPAS tripwire, live phone support, among other great perks!

Gold membership

Training in this membership focuses on traffic, and comes with 4 videos of pure content. Features include added bonuses, with the ability to earn 4 times more per customer than the silver membership, advanced training, more commissions on iPAS tripwire (50%) and access to the 15k formula that offers more marketing strategies for promoting your business and attracting quality traffic.

Black membership

This is the membership plan that will scale your business to greater heights. Training here consists of 2 valuable videos with more powerful traffic strategies. With this membership you get access to even greater commission fees of up to 70%, master retreat from empower network, personalized business coach and affiliate management.

iPAS Back Office Elements

Ipas2 boasts a complex yet easy to use back office design that makes it unique and different from other marketing online systems.

The major sections of the back office include:

– The formula
– Dashboard that enables you to check statistics
– Set up wizard that helps to set up your business
– Training Center containing different training courses
– Marketing center that consists of different marketing tools
– Community that aids interaction with users

From the above information, it’s quite evident that iPAS2 has certainly redefined the world of online marketing. Thousands of marketers are already generating great and stable incomes through this system. To Learn more about how iPAS works and check out the back office and all its elements, click here to get access.

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