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Not only are the empower network blogs and empower network products extremely valuable, they also give you the ability to quickly start earning 70% commissions. Each product comes with training that will guide you in becoming a stronger marketer. This information and training is priceless and you would be hard pressed to find it anywhere else for such a low cost.

Be sure to read our thorough Empower Network Review where we go in-depth about everything that Dave Wood’s Empower Network has gave us as a team.

You will learn not only how to use and earn from empower network, but also how to plug-in other systems and programs to earn on an even larger scale.


Empower Network Instant Commissions

How Empower Network Can Pay 70% Commissions

The system is built on a very simple to follow three step model, blog, share and earn. It really is just that simple.

Take a moment to watch and visit this short Empower Network Compensation Plan video and you are going to see, just how extremely simple this really is. You will also be shown just how easy it is to earn more and more monthly income, everyday! Many question the authenticity of the payment structure of the compensation plan and the integrity behind it. That is why the new move to eWallet will transform the Empower Network simplicity. Read our post about when we answered the realness of Empower Network for more information.

How To Make The Most Out Of Empower Network

Learn how to maximize your profits with our team

Watch the following video to see how the empower network commission system works on a larger level. Dave Wood explains why it’s important to upgrade, if you want to increase your earnings.


Best Empower Network Team

With the combined power of our Network Empower Team & David Wood’s Empower Network system and products you will quickly be on your way to earning a steady and ever-growing monthly income if you are driven, motivated, and willing!

You can expect to learn anything you want from a search engine optimization and marketing point of view. With some of the top “make money gurus” in the internet marketing space all under one roof sharing their valuable insights and willingness to teach others really is a message of empowerment for those ready to take massive action TODAY. Learning that Teamwork makes the Dreamwork, learning how to socially brand yourself in 2012 and using Empower Network products and system to duplicate to your fellow friends and associates.

Below are some of most important team model points:

  • Every team member is important.
  • No one person is above another.
  • Each member has the right to voice their suggestions, ideas and concerns.
  • All members have the right to access our 24/7 team chat.
  • Every member has the right to access our Team Members Only area and take advantage of the training and tools provided within.
  • Everyone has the right to ask questions.
  • All members have the right to seek support.
  • Sponsors must make themselves available to all their personal members.
  • Everyone has the right to attend team meetings. (online via the team meeting room)
  • All members will have the ability to join us in other en-devours, above and beyond Empower Network.
  • Team members will not do another members work form them, but rather teach them and provide them with the knowledge and resources to be able to do it themselves.
  • No matter where you fit in, you are important to the team as a whole.

There are just a few key points in our best empower network team model. The above should give you some insight as to how we work and conduct ourselves. We pride ourselves on being the best empower network team and never giving up on ourselves or our members, ever!

Our vision is simple:

  • Provide the knowledge, tools, time and support to empower every member to find success, not only in Empower Network, but in their lives in general.
  • Guide our team to create a powerful business base and assist them to expand and grow.
  • We have full intention to show our team, how to apply other income systems into their Empower Network business base.
  • If given a chance, anyone can be successful, all that is required is motivation and a willingness to learn.
  • Empower others to learn and become not only better business owners, but also to become more patient and understanding individuals.

This is our basic vision for our team. We want you to succeed, we want you to be happy, we want you to get back to living and enjoying the life you have been blessed with. Every one of you deserves a chance, many of us have struggled for a very long time, praying and wishing for something or someone to come along and show us a better way. Our Empower Network team, has given us all this opportunity and everyone has a right to take advantage of it.

join empower network

Empower Network Business

You are all being offered an opportunity to own your very own Empower Network business

How wonderful will it be to finally be your own boss. To at last, have the ability to work from home. To start work when you want and call it a day when you decide. The empowerment ones feels from being self employed is almost impossible to explain.

There is nothing better than enjoying the summers with my children and on the most beautiful days, call a beach day and spend the whole day with them and the ocean. Making sandcastles, playing in the sand and just enjoying each others company. far too often when you work outside the home, you lose the ability to enjoy your family as much as you would like. This is only one of the benefits of working from home, but I must admit, it’s the best as far as I can see.

Starting your own Empower Network business costs only $25. That truly is the only thing standing in your way right now, from being able to enjoy life the way my family and I are doing right now. Since starting my own Empower Network business, my life has changed and continues to do so, each and everyday. Old bills are being paid off, things that have needed replacing are finally being purchased and my savings for my children are growing.

If you are anything like me, you want to give your children the very best and life doesn’t always make this easy. If you are serious about making a change in your life and the lives of your loved ones, this is your chance. I know many people are waiting for that “something” to come along and give them the means to make changes, THIS is that something.

The risk is so minimal that you have no reason not to give this your best effort, you are only investing $25 and after just one person joins you, you get your $25 back. It really, truly, is just this simple.

I want you all to feel the joy and excitement that not only I have been feeling, but also the members of my team. Each and every day is now more wonderful than the last.

Do yourself and your family a favor, start your Empower network business today, and grow with our team, as we all work towards not only success, but freedom.

[button size=”large” link=”http://networkempower.com/empowerteam”]Join Our Empower Network Team Today For ONLY $25[/button]


Empower Network – More Money In Your Pocket

By working online with Empower Network, you will be keeping more money in your pocket

While there are a massive number of benefits from starting your own Empower Network business, one of the best benefits is the amount of money you will be keeping in your pockets.

By now, you know that Empower Network does indeed allow you to collect 70% commissions, this is no longer a matter of debate, but true fact. Not only is Empower Network the first company to offer this, but the whole idea behind Empower Network, is to put money in the pockets of the people.

You may or may not already know this, but there is only 1% of the worlds population living the financial high life, while the remaining 99% struggle. What we are doing with the Empower Network, is changing these numbers, one person at a time. For far too long the majority has been struggling and suffering financial hard ship. Is this fair? No. But until you step up and take control, you are allowing yourself to fall into the 99%.

I’m sure you have heard about the 99% movement happening all over the world. People are standing up for their right to be successful and financially stable. Now while protesting is all well in fine, it’s not going to pay your bills or feed your children – Taking action, will!

The Empower Network is giving you the tools you need to change your life. A simple decision to take action and follow through is all that’s standing in your way.

A wise woman once told me..

If you are unhappy with your life, you have only yourself to blame. The only person who can change your life, is you. Do not blame the world for your short comings, stand up and take what you want from this life because no one is going to hand it to you. If you want something, go out there and take it.

No truer words have ever been spoken.

The Empower Network is making the life changing step so easy for you, but when it comes down to it, YOU have to take it!

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