Use Aweber To Email Your Empower Network Leads

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One of the top reasons lots of people are attracted to Empower Network is the marketing system already integrated on the blogging platform.

The blogging platform comes set up so you can easily add you aweber autoresponder and start collecting leads.

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Empower Network For Lead Creation

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Email list building can be tricky if you are just starting but yet a powerful tool most companies are using to enhance their customer loyalty, increase and drive more sales.

If you underestimate the significance of effective list building, then you are simply throwing money out the window. To be a successful marketer, you need to build an effective list of leads and to do so you will definitely need email marketing auto-responders.

So, what is an autoresponder?
It is nothing but an automated way of sending (emailing) messages or a series of messages to someone who requests it.

Once you set up the autoresponder, your messages will be sent automatically to the leads you have generated online. With this program, the prewritten emails in your database will be sent to the leads at regular intervals of time. One such useful and effective autoresponder is AWeber.

AWeber works equally well as a news-letter distribution services. In fact, it has various features, which make AWeber the #1 choice among the internet marketers
Features like click-tracking (what links do your leads click on), how many percentage of people actually read your news-letter – just to mention a few.

It is a complete solution for those who want to increase the marketing efforts by news-letter mailings. By making use of the video tutorial, you can easily grab all the features available with AWeber. There will also be instruction on linking your aweber to the Empower network blog

Features of AWeber

• Unlimited autoresponders
• Unlimited email-campaigns
• Complete control over your email marketing campaigns 24 hrs a day
• Fully integrated CAN SPAM
• Completely integrated plain text and HTML
• FREE customer-support

Some of the additional features include

• Professionally made HTML-templates
• Split-testing
• Fully built in performance analysis
• Extensive personalized web-forms
• Free on-line tutorials
• Full 30 day money-back-guarantee

Aweber To Track Empower Network Leads

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With AWeber, you can view the latest activity on your email list, for instance, you can see where it was unsubscribed or subscribed. Additionally, you can keep an eye on how often your message has been read or opened. Embedded links in your mail can also be monitored. For this, you don’t need to type the URL, but you can use redirection feature of AWeber. When your prospect clicks on the link, AWeber counts the number of clicks made. This way, AWeber gives you a valuable insight on what your prospects are interested in.

Aweber Support

The customer of support of AWeber is exceptionally good. Additionally, AWeber provides many different templates which can be used directly or easily adapted to the customer’s needs with the given tools. Therefore, even beginners do not face difficulties working with AWeber. The support responds very quickly.

Aweber Pricing

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The pricing structure of AWeber is clear and simple. It has a base price of $19 that is paid per month. Quarterly as well as annual payment options are also available and are discounted too. The base-price includes up to five hundred subscribers. Also, it offers $1 trial period for one month.

Simply put, AWeber is a good service that matches all the autoresponder needs. The significant features and functions support effectively in the entire process of list building and list management. With AWeber, you can completely automate your e-mail marketing campaign.

Aweber is the perfect tool to combine with a complete marketing system like Empower Network.

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