Zeek Rewards Shut Down Zeekler Penny Auctions

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Zeek Rewards MLM by Zeekler Penny Auction Shut Down: Ex-Zeek Members Gravitating Towards Empower Network Opportunity.

Ex-Zeek Rewards Members find themselves in search of a new work from home opportunity after SEC shut down Zeek Rewards for running Ponzi Scheme. Many are turning to Empower Network due to legitimate business plan that pays 70% commissions to fill lost income. Discover the Legitimate Truth behind Empower Network System and Products.

The Securities and Exchange Commission shut down the operations of Zeek Rewards on August 17th on fraud charges and ordered an emergency asset freeze on the company.

The emergency asset freeze was ordered to make sure that victims could potentially avoid devastating losses and recoup some of their investments.

Thousands of people are now seeking a better and more legitimate way to earn money online from the comfort of their own home.

Many former Zeek Rewards members have discovered a program called Empower Network that can help them get back on their feet with a legitimate business plan that pays a 70% commission rate on all sales.

The Securities and Exchange Commission alleges that Zeek Rewards has turned into a $600 million Ponzi scheme that was on the verge of collapse.

Online marketer, Paul Burks of Lexington, N.C. and his company Rex Venture Group, have received money from over one million customers worldwide through the website ZeekRewards.com, which began its operations in January 2011.

According to the complaint that was filed by the SEC in the federal court in Charlotte, N.C., the Zeek Rewards affiliate members were offered several ways to earn money through the program. Two of those ways to earn money involved purchasing securities in the form of investment contracts.

Federal laws require that securities offerings such as those offered by Zeek Rewards must be registered with the SEC, which the company failed to do.

Investors of Zeek Rewards were promised up to 50 percent of the company’s daily profits through their profit sharing system. Members would earn rewards points that they could redeem for cash payouts.

However, the website required that its members keep some of those profits in the system as an investment that they could redeem in the future.

The kicker is that the company had been conveying a false impression that they were very stable and profitable when, in fact, the payouts that had been given to investors had no relation to the company’s stability or its profits.

Most of the revenue that was paid to investors had come from funds that were received by new investors. This is a classic case of a Ponzi scheme gone wrong.

Unlike Zeek Rewards, the Empower Network doesn’t require its members to reinvest their profits and it actually compensates its members with a regular commission check every month.

A business model such as this just goes to show that there still are sustainable business plans out there that actually work.

About Empower Network Products, System, and Opportunity

In order to completely comprehend and grasp what the Empower Network embodies as a whole, learning to decipher which programs and opportunities to join and make money online with must be carefully evaluated.

Empower Network is starting to become legendary in their approach towards internet, affiliate, and network marketing arenas as it is quickly becoming the leading pioneer of a new movement found within online marketers and those interested in generating an online income.

As always, viewing the Empower Network income disclaimer at the bottom of this page will give an idea of what to expect and what many others are already experiencing.

What happened to the Zeek Rewards program and Zeekler penny auction MLM business has left many in complete shock and disbelief, but the key is to not dwell in self pity but to rise up, take action, and find a stable and consistent home where the slogan reads 70% commissions on all Empower Network sales.

Empower Network has already had their first successful official launch at an event in Atlanta, and now looks to the likes of San Diego for the next event which promises over 3,000 members to be in attendance.

This makes the Empower Network company and event the largest of its kind in the year of 2012, a feat quite impressive for a company who started under a year ago. Empower Network Opportunity, System, and Products offer a stable and secure way to make money online. Stand Up and Fight the Forces of Evil with Empower Network Business.

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